Professional French Chef Liyna Boucher Shares Fun Facts About Crepes

Liyna Boucher from Vancouver, British Columbia, Explains the Term “Crepe”

The Term “Crepe” Has Latin Origins

Although crepes are traditionally a known French pastry, its name comes from the Latin term “Crispus.” Crispus means crinkly in texture, which describes the crepe’s thin and easily wrinkled features. However, the trick to making an excellent French crepe is not flipping it too early! A perfectly cooked crepe will glide smoothly and flip over when ready.

From Buckwheat to Wheat Flour

The very first kinds of crepes were made from buckwheat flour. During the 9th century, industrialization allowed the easy milling of wheat flour, making wheat crepes a more favorable choice.

Different Ways to Serve Crepes

Chef Liyna Boucher also explains that there are different ways to serve crepes. As a wrap or cover, there are variations on how they are folded:

French Celebrate National Crepe Day Every February

Chef Liyna Boucher is also familiar with the French tradition every February called the National Crepe Day.

Crepes Have Evolved for Different Cultures

Liyna Boucher from Vancouver, British Columbia, Discusses Crepe Variations

Many Ways to Enjoy Crepes

Whether you like them sweet or savory, it is undeniable that crepes have an interesting history. As you explore different types of food, Chef Liyna Boucher hopes that you appreciate these fun facts that make crepes an outstanding French pastry.



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Liyna Boucher

Liyna Boucher

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Liyna Boucher is a successful restaurateur and French chef.